This page shows videos I have done. Please feel welcome to share. The photographs that I post, some from my book, Puertas, are now available for purchase through my shop.

With one click step into my world…

Mask Off, Just About…or…

two years of seeing things I had never seen in my lifetime…
but now I have. 

(Currently under repair)

The images on this video above can seen on pages “Oil, #1 and 3” on this site. To purchase museum quality prints of the images in this video, click here: my shop. (Actual paintings are not for sale).

The first video above refers to the pandemic as well as other challenges we have faced as a world. My blog goes into this further. Please see links: Run from the Devil,  Death of a Wanna Be,  Ugly Beauty,  Mask on, March on to the GoldAmsterdam, Tuesday 15 December, 6 week lockdown.

The inspiration for this video and why I filmed it, is written in my blog,

Butterfly Reflections . Please enjoy and share!

The original videos, paintings and their images are copyrighted, © Art by chantz, all rights reserved.

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