Puertas, the book…reviewed

One woman’s journey through to the other side by C. R. Perkins

Chantz Perkins, an internationally recognized and well-respected artist, takes an interesting diversion with this unusual book. She invites the reader to join her on a brief journey in which she uses her words and photography instead of paint and stone to express her unique observances of daily life and ordinary objects. 

The result is a delightful composition of insights and precious moments, all the more enhanced by her superb photography. She manages to capture special fragments of her past that ultimately guided her and taught her how to survive.

Her vivid descriptions, enchanting vignettes and evocative photos successfully blend together, instantly enticing the reader. The sensitive glimpses of humanity urge us to connect with sentimental objects that reflect our collective past and provide us with comfort and peace. 

As with her art, her voice remains all her own, and she generously shares these tasty morsels with the world in her latest venture. – T Gibson

To order my book,  Puertas, please go to this link: 

In Europe at the American Book Center in Amsterdam and the Hague: https://abc.nl/book-details/puertas/g9789492563965

(Books ordered online can be shipped to Europe and Britain) Will soon be available in the USA and worldwide. Watch this page for updates… 

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