Karen recommends ARTbychantz.

December 13, 2020

I ordered 3 prints. I’m in the US and they arrived on time and carefully packaged… they were flawless. Great quality paper and the colors are really bright. Can’t wait to get them framed and on the wall. Congrats on a beautiful collection. Proud to be an early customer of artbychantz.

Teri Gibson on Butterflies don’t sing                              “Not only does this video reflect the imagination of the artist, it also offers the viewer a glimpse into the artist’s personal life. You cannot watch it without feeling the sense of calm and serenity that Chantz radiates in everything she creates combined with the passion and drive that propels her to achieve a unique perfection. The vibrant colors and shapes and subjects she chooses never fail to impress me and her singular “eye” for finding beauty in all things she observes is admirable. This video leaves the viewer wanting more and wishing for conversations with the artist. She captures moments in time that exude drama, and never cease to affect the viewer. It is a privilege to watch!!!”HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/489441175


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