Photographs & Books

This site is for people who seek beauty, difference and magic. Who can be time travelers and old souls. 

My wish is that my work will spark in you the life unremembered, the possibilities of seeing not just looking. Of paying attention.

The magic of what happens, where your mind travels to, when you look at a photograph.

Strange how a photograph takes me away…opening all my doors. 

Puertas: One woman’s journey through to the other side by C. R. Perkins.

My new book is a mix of photographic journey, personal refection, and a search for strength along the way.

In the coming weeks I will post a few pages with photographs and text, to give you a taste of the book, which is now available to order. In Europe or Britain, at The American Book Center, in Amsterdam and The Hague. Please use this link:

Soon available in the USA. Watch this space…

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