Time, New Orleans

From my newly published book, Puertas: one woman’s journey through to the other side   by   C  R  Perkins

Puertas, is now available to order!  I will post a few pages here every so often, to give readers a peak at the contents. I use the photographs I took with text alongside to paint with words, not paint or stone.  Below is one piece, Time, for your review.  Information about how to purchase this book is on the link beneath.  Some of the photographs are available to purchase on my shop.  Enjoy!


A manikin in a store in New Orleans. She looks out with a clock above her head. It is exactly 2:22. She has a hat, old fashioned on her head with a flower on it. On her brow, shading her eyes, a veil. Her eyes look to the right. At something. What? A handsome man? Or woman? She has her chin resting on her hand. 

I’m like the lady with the clock. She is curious. Looking at the passersby – chin in hand – eyes bright yet a bit lonely. Its 2:22 – will anyone come to visit her today? She looks so lovely, so stylish, will anyone notice her? She wonders why no one does. She’s put on her red lips and waits in anticipation. A delicate veil over her brow. She is young and old and frozen. Like me, frozen in time. 

I write, I dream, yet the dreams are of what once was, not what will be. A prison of hope trying to smile in optimism. Of looking not too hard in the mirror. Of seeing what I want to see, not what is. 

I am the child who left California. On my back carrying my paintings, fresh with excitement of a new life, determined commitment in my heart, vision of success in my eyes. 

This woman, she is framed by a feather boa – perfect face in a perfect frame. I was that – feminine, well-dressed, fashionable sort of – I was the girl I had dreamt of – a new life in Europe, to try with all my heart to see my art work there. 

I am that woman. She is looking to the side – toward her past, toward her years gone. 

To order this book,  please go to this link: 

In Europe at the American Book Center in Amsterdam and the Hague: https://abc.nl/book-details/puertas/g9789492563965

(Books ordered online can be shipped to Europe and Britain) Will soon be available in the USA and worldwide. Watch this page for updates. 

A review of this book can be found on the link.

This above photograph, Time, is now available to purchase from my shop.

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