House of Cheng

Three women meet accidentally in a Los Angeles Chinese restaurant during the seventies. They discuss the issues of the day: abortion rights, The Vietnam war and the dearth of Chinese actors in Hollywood. What follows is a series of humorous as well as heartfelt moments during which they realise how much they have in common and how uniquely they view the world.

House of Cheng is a new novelle from the book, Cocktales by Chantz Perkins.

I will post some pages here, now and then to give readers a hint.

This House of Cheng novelle is now available to purchase from the American Book Center in Amsterdam and Den Haague. And also can be ordered and shipped anywhere in Europe and Britain. Will soon be available in the USA and worldwide.

This cover House of Cheng, is also available as a print from my shop.

I plan to read from this book at future readings at the American Book Center in Amsterdam and perhaps at the Café Saarein in west Amsterdam. 

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Thank you for your support.

Published by artbychantz

International artist based in Amsterdam, Chantz Perkins was born in Los Angeles. She moved to Europe in 1996, living in Amsterdam and London. She has had many solo and group exhibitions in America and Europe. Her commissions include the Ajax football association (for painting and sculpture), the Amsterdam Promotional Foundation (bronze trophy to be awarded every year for the best buisiness in Amsterdam) and the Sportpark de Toekomst in Amsterdam (bronze trophy to be awarded every year for the best young player). She has been awarded numerous commissioned sculptures and paintings in Europe and Los Angeles. Further, she has donated her work for auction for AIDS organizations in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and London to raise funds for their charities as well as the National Organization for Women (NOW) in Los Angeles. She held a solo exhibition of her sculptures at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery at Charlotte Street in London (2006), and is currently working on her web shop, that will sell reproductions of her paintings. The shop will launch very soon.

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